Study Of The Implementation Of Good Mining Practices

BARGAWA, Waterman Sulistyana (2012) Study Of The Implementation Of Good Mining Practices. Master of Mining Engineering UPN ”Veteran” Yogyakarta.

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The new paradigm of sustainable development and the claim of certain parties that mine is the environment destruction and it must be closed (moratorium) are the public problems of mining which should be solved by application the concept of good mining practice. The purpose of this research was to find out the level of implementation in mining by seven aspects of good mining practice, namely: mining technique, safety and health, environmental protection, value added, conservation, standardization, and compliance. The research located in the regency of Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS). The regency of TTS which has a potential of mineral resources is the result of last inventory consisted of 22 types of minerals, spread out in 21 districts with total square and total volume respectively are 1,246,387,111m2 and 40,354,923,193m3 and it has 85 mining autorization in exploitation for 4 types of mineral. They are consisted of marble rock, colored-rock, sand-rock, and clay-stone mine respectively are 4, 52, 27, and 2 companies, and while in strata they are consisted of 9 limited companies (PT), 42 commanditier vitae (CV), and 34 local people firms, relying on mining sector as an original local revenue source. The research was done by questionnaire survey toward the population and because it was not existing in all districts and there was a difference in total of company both in extreme cluster or strata so the determination of sample was done in the way of disproportionate stratified random sampling and purposive sampling that it was obtained the samples as much as 44 companies used as the respondents. The verbal answer of respondents (qualitative data) was nominalized (quantitative data) by Likert’s scale, arranged and tested by normality and homogeneity with the test of Kolmogorove-Smirnove and linearity test with Friedman Two Way Anova to fulfill the statistics reliability assumption using the software of SPSS version 15.0. And then it was analyzed and categorized into three categories that were ‘high’ for the score 2.35 – 3.00; ‘medium’ for the score 1.68 – 2.34 and ‘low/less’ for the score 1.00 – 1.67. And it was obtained the following result: the high category was the average of practical aspect, mining technique; the medium was safety and health, environmental protection, value added, conservation and compliance, while the low one was standardization so the average of good mining practice in the regency of TTS, Province of Nusa Tenggara Timur was categorized in “medium”

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